I started out my career in baseball as an intern for the Seattle Mariners at the age of 16. The next season they had ball girl try outs and I made it! I was the new ball snatcher. I made headlines when I became the first ball girl to dive for a foul ball. I was highlighted on FOX's This Week in Baseball, Univision, CBS Day & Date, ESPN, CNN, KIRO's On Deck Show, and other networks and print publications for my plays on the field and for my baseball artwork, which I donate to various charities and got officially licensed for it by the MLBPA at the age of 19. I have my own sport art business and my art has been displayed at the Legends of the Game museum in TX and the Yogi Berra Museum in NY. I worked for the M's for seven seasons and had the opportunity to get to know all of the main departments of the front office from marketing to public relations. I went on to work for the Red Sox in their Dominican Republic baseball academy as their English teacher. Inspired by my work there, I developed and created a complete career development education program for international players called "Keep Your Eyes in the Ball". This program turned the Red Sox into pioneers in the area of international player development in the area of transition to their careers in the states. I teach the players everything including, American laws, life skills, customs, English, baseball terminology, etiquette, money management, basic nutrition, media and fan relations, literacy, and more. I went on to work for the Orioles and was even recruited by the New York Yankees. My title for the Red Sox was coordinator of player education and with the Orioles, international liaison and instructor of english and cultural literacy. I came back home to complete my college education and returned to the Mariners to work with their major league Latin American players, including their new Cuban star, Yuniesky Betancourt. Interestingly, I was Felix Hernandez's brother's teacher with the Orioles as well. Some players you might recognize that were students of mine include; Anibal Sanchez, Hanley Ramirez, Daniel Cabrera, Wilfredo Ledezma, Ed Rogers, Tony Blanco, Eddy Rodriguez, Franklin Francisco, and Jorge De La Rosa.

My Orioles Class Documentary - Part One

My Sports Art

Monday, April 23, 2007

Rookies of the Year!!!!!!!!!

Hi everybody, I just have to take the opportunity to give props to two of my students here in my blog in honor of their recent achievements. I have to say it is very rare to have the opportunity to have worked with a player who ends up earning MLB rookie of the year honors, but to have worked with two of them that earned this honor within the same year is pretty darn rare wouldn't you say? Two of my former students who recently came up the majors, have been highlighted as two of the most sensational rookies this season throughout the media. One, Hanley Ramirez of the Florida Marlins and Dominican, won the Rookie of the Year Award. Anibal Sanchez of the Marlins and Venezuelan, as well won Rookie of the Month, but would have been a shoe in for rookie pitcher of the year had it not been for coming up to the majors so late in the season. In only his first major league pitching appearance, he threw a no-hitter!!! How about them apples?? I am so proud of both of them. Both of them were excellent students of mine and I believed they were destined for greatness. I am so happy they are finding success and being able to express with the American public through interviews, which is something many Latino players were not able to do because of the language barrier.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Web Site of my artwork

This is cool, I found a web site someone made and they included my artwork in it and made sure to include my name and copyright info! THat was cool! They even put the MLBPA information. Nice! resPECT to them! ;)

Orioles Article

Here is one article I pulled off the web that announced my hiring with the Orioles team back in 2003.....
English instructor hired

In a newly created position, the Orioles hired Rosie Santizo as instructor of English and cultural literacy. She will assist in the education of Latin American players in the organization.

Santizo spent the past two seasons as the Red Sox's Latin prospect education coordinator.

"She taught players in the Dominican how life was going to be with language and culture in our country," said Doc Rodgers, director of minor league operations. "As many obstacles as you can remove from a talented player, the better chance you have of him meeting his potential."

PopTop - Comment
12-02-2003, 03:23 PM
Originally posted by Nanner

:clap2: Very good move.

Getting Vlad the Great would be another very good move! :D

Copyright © 2003, The Baltimore Sun

Saturday, December 9, 2006

My Life in Baseball

Hi Everybody! I'm finally creating a place to share with my friends about my life in baseball. I of course waited until I'm out of baseball to do it, but hey, better late than never right? I was just having too much fun so I never had time to do it then. Now I took a break from the game just to finish my education. I am pursuing my masters in law, and now I am in my junior year at the university studying International Business, Arabic and Islamic Studies. I hope that you will enjoy the photos and blogs as I post them. The experiences I have had in baseball are so special to me. I enjoyed every single day of my ten years in it. I started out as an intern working at the front office and helping to set up the ball park for the games. I also was a ball girl, being recognized for my diving plays on Univision, FOX's This Week in Baseball, CNN, CBS, and ESPN, in addition to the local networks and newspapers. I am also a professional sports artist and was officially licensed by the MLBPA. I enjoy doing a lot of volunteering and donating for various baseball affiliated charity organizations and fundraisers. I went on to teach English for the Boston Red Sox baseball academy, and ended up developing and creating a complete career development education program for the international players. I was promoted to coordinator of education for the team and when the team was sold a couple of years later, I was taken in by the Orioles. I worked as the instructor and liaison for the international players and player development staff working directly under the farm director. I went back to the Mariners just last year to assist with their Major League international players who needed assistance. It was so great to be back with my first team.

Sunday, July 9, 2006

Long time no write.....

Hi pals,

Sorry I stopped writing, I guess things with my work with the Orioles kept me so busy, and I was enjoying every moment of my life so much, that I just never took the time to document the experience because I was so into living it. I really had a wonderful and amazing time with this team. It was the best to date. Everything just came together there, from my living situation to my day to day duties, to my coworkers to everything. I have to say though that I have loved all of my coworkers and colleagues of each team I have had the blessing to work for. Everyone, the groundskeepers, the coaches, the trainers, public relations, the executives, the players, administrative, everyone, has just been so great to work with and know and I miss everyone of them. At any rate, there is so much to share about all of my work experiences in baseball and too little time. Now what is taking up every second of my life is homework and studying. I am trying to finish up my course requirements to get into the university for this winter. I am finally going to finish with school. That is something I haven't been able to wrap up because of my work in baseball. Last year the Mariners had me back working with their Latino major league talent. It went so great too. But for now I am actually not working in baseball for the first time since I was 15. I am just focusing on school. I miss working with the teams, but I am looking forward to be a university graduate and start forming a family. I definitely am thinking of going back to the game, and will prepare myself and my goals academically and mentally for that possibility, it all just depends on what God has planned for me once I get my degrees. I may also end up going in a different direction, as my knowlege of Arabic will open doors to a whole new world of opportunity. I am majoring in international business and Arabic and will go for my master's in law. That's all from me now as it is very late and I've got to get some rest for more studying tomorrow. Oh yeah, by the way, I am in California now and I'm doing some acting on the side of my studies. You can see my web site at

Wednesday, February 8, 2006


While I worked for the Red Sox, I got the opportunity to learn so much about scouting from some of the best. Elvio Jimenez, who headed the Red Sox Dominican Academy was well respected in baseball for his scouting. He treated me like a daughter while I was there and even took me a long on some weekend scouting trips so I wouldn't be stuck alone at the hotel. Another scout who taught me a lot is the current director of player development now, Ben. Here is a response he sent me about a player I thought could make it as a pitcher and asked if he could look at him. What's cool is this player even ended up coming to play in the states with the Red Sox.

Rosie - I saw Dernier last week in Venezuela. He threw well enough that I
am trying to get him a tourist visa to come to Ft. Myers during spring
training. I don't want to use one of our 42 visa slots at this time, but if
we can get him a visa somehow the plan would be to bring him to Ft. Myers
sometime during ST and let him stay through Extended ST and then make an


-----Original Message-----
From: Rosie Carolina Santizo []
Sent: Friday, February 08, 2002 2:43 PM

Hi Ben, thanks for the message. I hope you are doing well. If there is a
graduation ceremony this year in ST, I hope you´ll be able to attend it.
Winter went great. Looking forward to ST. Have you known anything about
Dernier Orozco? Did he work out as a pitcher? ttfnªRosie

Friday, September 2, 2005

My most recent baseball job - international player tutor and liaison

Yuniesky continues to excel in the class. His progress and confidence is beginning to grow and it is showing in his enthusiasm to put what he learns to use. On one occasion after just learning advanced greetings, Rick Rizzs ran into him and asked “how you doin’ Yuniesky?” Where he used to respond “fine” or “good,” Yuniesky started to responded by saying “Good--”, then stopped himself, and answered with “Very well thank you....and you??” Rick was clearly impressed and responded with “very well! and my, that’s great English!” Yuniesky was all smiles.
One day Yuniesky brought in a team memorandum that was left in his locker. In class, he skimmed through it and underlined all the words he now knew. He even read the first sentence and translated it without any help, except for the term “to head out,” which I explained is another way to say “to go out.” He was surprised with the amount of words he identified and went over the memo and attempting to gather the meaning from it. He was excited to be able to look at the memo again after going over it again and learning just a few new vocabulary words that it was telling him about the season ticket holders coming in early to watch batting practice. He later commented that after that, memos no longer seem so intimidating and impossible to comprehend. Through this lesson I was teaching him how to read for meaning instead of just trying to understand every single word which can be a daunting task.
He demonstrates courtesy more and more in his English as well. He likes the phrase, “after you.” Where he used to say “okay” when someone asked him for something, he now prefers to say “sure!” or “of course!”
In our daily baseball talks, he has learned to talk about his game using complete phrases vs. just words when he started out. For example, in the beginning, he would say “one pitch, fly, center field.” Now he can say, “First inning and first at bat, second pitch, fly to centerfield.” He can also talk about his goals in the game. In his journal in the lessons he wrote “I want to hit my first home run this season tonight.” He also wrote “Wait for my pitch.” That night he hit a double to deep left field that almost left the park.

Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Orioles Annual Report

This was my concluding statement on my first annual report to the Orioles regarding the education program's progress....

I am very pleased with the progress of all of the international players, and this is a result of the effort we made together as an organization. Just as I teach the players in the class the phrase; “(TEAM) Together Everyone Achieves More.”
Everyone from the trainers to members of the front office staff contributed to the education of the players. This is the secret to the effectiveness and dynamic of the education program. As a team, we helped the players to make the connection with the lessons to the real-life contexts from ordering food to taking instruction from a coach.
The players’ level of enthusiasm for learning throughout the year was consistent and strong. In fact, even on my last day at of the season, at the rookie league team, I witnessed Franklin Lucas, one of the beginning students, putting his English to use with his American teammates. The most inspiring part of it all was that the American teammates even taught him new phrases and encouraged him while they chatted.
This is just one example of what I have seen us accomplish together this year. We are all teachers. I may be the instructor, but we as a part of the Orioles can contribute as those players did, to speeding up their progress and helping the International players to make a smooth transition to a new culture.
The positive results we saw just in the first season not only come from my work, but from the players’ dedication and others who motivated me to strive to be the best teacher I can be, and those who cooperated with the players from their positions within the organization.
The perfect foundation was established for what the education to the international players can become and how much it will contribute to the success of the players in the states. I look forward to the next opportunity we will have to achieve an even higher level of success for the team.
Thank you.
Rosie Santizo, Instructor of English & Cultural Literacy

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Extended Spring Training

Hi there. Things are going okay. I am very excited to go back to the D.R. in June. I only have one month left here. But I have no idea how the workshops are going to work out during the roving months. Hopefully the traveling will go smoothly. I can't wait for this winter. I'm really considering going into the agent business now. I love what I do, but it is taking so much out of me, and I want to have a family. But with this job, I would not be able to take on both and do them both very well. I haven't made my decision yet. That will come when it is time to re-negotiate my contract.
I am getting ready for my classes right now. I have the beginner and the advanced class tonight. Those two groups are coming along. The literacy class is really tough. It would be easier if there was one or two players with literacy issues, but it's a group. So it's hard to make a lot of progress in a short amount of time. I hope I'll be able to set up a couple of them with literacy tutors wherever they end up. It shouldn't be that difficult. I am beginning to feel a bit drained. But I keep pressing on. I look forward to going back to Seattle for a couple days before I head off to the D.R.. I hope I'll be able to score a frequent flyer ticket to the D.R. otherwise it will be pretty steep. I gotta tell my boss of my plans soon as well. Have a great day.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Dominican Republic

Hi Journal! Long time no write! I have been pretty busy this winter! My Orioles job is so demanding, but it is so incredible. All of the students are awesome and I'm learning so much about baseball in my work as well. It's very exciting!
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Author: soulofthegame
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Friday, November 14, 2003

A post I found on a discussion board about my artwork!

I found a post in a discussion board of someone who actually has one of my old Edgar Martinez sketches. It was cool to come across that randomly. Here it is:

Joined: 10 Nov 2002
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PostMon Nov 03, 2003 11:57 pm Reply to topic Reply with quote

No, you're just a young pup- live a long & useless life like mine and you'll see a few stars! I'd kill to see Edgar though-he's a sports hero of mine. I have a pen & ink portrait of him done a few years ago by an ex-M's ballgirl (Rosey Santizo) that I'd like him to sign someday.
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Friday, October 31, 2003

the Countdown Begins

Music: Brand New Heavies and Maxwell Edit Entry Delete Entry

Good morning yall. I am a little nervous because my midterm is next tuesday. Yikes!! But I am confident I'll do okay. I'm just so busy this week I don't know how I'll be able to fit in all my studying! Man.. But God will provide a way. He always does. He knows my needs. I'm moving this weekend, shopping for my trip to Baltimore and D.R. and packing my luggage. At least I don't have to work. That's one nice thing. Wednesday was my last day at the office. That's a relief. I got my contract from the Orioles yesterday. They also sent me an Orioles bag and a really good book on character and a CD. Very cool. I'm learning so much already about baseball and I haven't even officially started. God is awesome. I can't wait to begin. I feel ready. This is what I have been waiting for. I bought my video camera on Ebay this week. I can't wait to see it. I better get started on my day! Much love to ya.

Monday, October 27, 2003

message about me from my students with the Red Sox

Here is a message from a couple of my students from my first season of class wrote....

From : victor santana
Sent : Monday, October 27, 2003 5:59 AM
To :

rosi santizo was my teacher in 2000 when I belong to the boston red sox , she has good actitude in the class. I remember than every day she teaching about english and baseball culture at same time.and about the values like the player is smart for the life and career to be a good player and good person at same time.

from victor santana

From : ambiorix Crespo
Sent : Monday, October 27, 2003 2:46 AM
To :

!hello! this is a baseball player of the Roston Red sox i send you this letter to talk about Rosie , and to tell you all what she teached me.

she a perfect teacher if i know how to speak something is for her , is an exellent `person and that team can trust in her because i am shure than she going to do an excellent work .

in the future you will see the change in the team when you see everybody speaking english in the stadium .

could you do me a favor give her the change for what that team can see the progress of have a teacher like her i did all what i can for to write this letter because i have a lot of time that i dont write somthing .

! i trust in her !
my name is ambiorix crespo feliz bye

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Back in Baseball

Mood: Happy
Hey Ya... Can you guess what song I have in my head? haha. Anywayzz.. I just got back from Florida. Sorry I didn't write all week, I was too busy enjoying the moment I guess. My trip to Florida to meet the Orioles organization was awesome. I got the job and the terms are such that I can live with them. So I am very thankful to God for this. It took me a year to come back, but it happened. Persistence pays. And you know, I can't help but think that it had something to do also with that leap of faith I took the day I decided to quit my job. When I arrived in the airport, the farm director picked me up. He was nice. The next morning, one of his assistants took me to the ballpark. He was also very nice. The ballpark is old fashioned, but for me it is my home. Everyone there was so nice, the trainers, the cooks, the players, the staff. I had breakfast with the farm director, and then we had a short meeting in his office and we talked about the needs of the team and how I could address them. Then I got to interview each of the players there to find out what they thought about the current english program. They were all nice kids. So far, I had a great feeling about the team. Doc, the farm director, said i was invited to the team dinner that night at the steakhouse. That was fun. I translated for the guys when they ordered. Doc spoke to the team, and I met the rest of the staff there. It was a great first day. I will tell you about the rest of the week in my next entries.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Back in Business!!

Time: 2:53:35 PM PDT
Author: soulofthegame
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ZUP everyone? My cold is still going strong. I feel miserable. I had to miss yet another day of work. Not a good thing when I am trying to save up for my trip and I just gave my two weeks notice this week. But what can I do? Everything happens for a reason. Anyway, I am very happy because I just talked to the Orioles again. They are sending me to Sarasota to meet the staff and the players!! I am so excited! I will be doing the negotiating over there. This means I'll be missing more work, but if I get this job, then it's all good. We'll see what happens! I gotta keep praying.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

A Leap of Faith

Time: 3:45:26 PM PDT
Author: soulofthegame
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Hi pals! I finally got sick. I stayed home from work today. I feel miserable. But I'm also very happy!! I took a leap of faith because I decided to quit my job and put in my two weeks notice, so I can go to the Dom. Rep. this winter whether I've got a set job there or not. But on my way to work yesterday, I called the Orioles for one last try, and I asked them if they would be interested in hiring me at least for just the winter teaching, and they told me they were actually considering me for a more long-term position!! They may be sending me over to Baltimore to meet the personnel! It is not for sure yet, but it is definitely a good sign! And what timing! whoa!! It's so important to live by faith. We'll see what happens tomorrow when I am supposed to speak with them again!! I'll let you know how it goes!! All that persistence and those seeds I have planted this year are beginning to pay off.... I can feel it.

Thursday, October 9, 2003

No Word from the Teams Yet

Time: 7:31:19 PM PDT
Author: soulofthegame
Mood: Worried
Music: Boston vs. Yankees (Game 2)

Hi pals. I'm a little bummed today, because it's getting closer and closer to November, and I still don't have an offer for a teaching job in the D.R.. I don't know what I'll do if I have to sit out another winter. I miss working in baseball so much it hurts, and I really want to apply the program I have worked so hard on developing to a team. I know if they gave me the opportunity it would make a big impact on the ball club. I am waiting to hear word from the Yankees and the Mets still, and there is also another team through my friend at the Mariners that is interested. The Orioles are still a slight possibility as well. I'm hanging on to every bit of hope, just as a team is when it is down by one run in the bottom of the ninth. I'm gonna keep praying. It's been a tough year. I just know something's going to turn around very soon.

Thursday, January 30, 2003


I am taking Tuberculosis medicine. I tested negative for it, but I tested positive for it in my blood, which means I have to take antibiotics to reduce the chance that it will not attack my system. The good thing is that it is not contagios in this state. I came down with all kinds of illnesses during my work with the Red Sox in the Dominican Republic. I went through Hepatitis A (the kind you get from contaminated water), all kinds of intestinal parasites, you name it. At one point I ended up in a Dominican hospital for four days because I had become so dehydrated I could have died. I had an industrial amount of parasites me according to the doctor. Scarey. Being that hospital was not fun. But to show you how much I loved my work, the Red Sox even offered to send me home if I wanted to, but I wanted to get back to class. I will take years to get my health back to where it was. But you know, for me all what I have been doing has been worth that cost. In general I am a very healthy person anyway, thank God. I love to work out, play sports, and I am totally into nutrition, although my weakness is desserts. hahaha. I also contacted the teams today and the guy for the Yankees will be out of the office this entire week and the Braves still have to interview a bunch of other teachers. So we’ll see what happens. This just means more waiting. I still have no idea where I will end up. I start to get frustrated about not having work and not knowing whether or not I will be working this spring training, but then I remember how things went for me with the Mariners when I was first trying to get a job with them in high school. My patience, perseverance, persistence and the grace of God were all I needed then. I believe that is all I need now. On the bright side I did enjoy myself in my morning class. I am also tutoring in the afternoons. The funny thing is, the tutoring is a lot harder. It takes a lot of preparation and strategy and fast thinking. But it keeps me on my toes and prepares me for this summer as a teacher. On Saturday I went to a tutor workshop. I learned a lot. I gotta figure out how to incorporate what I learned into my teaching. It’s really a matter of turning all the things I’m learning into habits.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

ESL Assistant Teacher at seattle central community college

I’m on my way back to Bellevue on the bus right now. I had class today. It went very well as always. I love it so much. I am so thankful that God gave me this opportunity. It is a fresh experience for me to have a job outside of baseball. I know it will help to make me more well-rounded. Not only am I learning a lot about teaching English grammar, but I’m also getting to know some wonderful people that are enriching my life. All of the students are so special. Most of the students in this class are from Ethiopia. On of the the Ethiopian students is Sisay. His name means wealth in English I believe. His family is Christian and is a deacon for his church, which is a very special thing in Orthodox Christianity. He has a lot of responsibilities in this position. Another student is Gino. That is his nickname. His real name I can’t pronounce very well yet. He is from Somalia and speaks many languages. He used to be a doctor when he lived in Somalia and I think he has like nine children! He lets me practice my Italian with him. Enanye is Ethiopian. She is a beautiful girl and has a beautiful spirit. I really enjoy working with her. Another girl I am getting to know is Yiftu. She is also from Ethiopia. She is so sweet and very expressive in her writing. She can cook too, although this is just what I’ve heard. At any rate, I am really enjoying being the class assistant for this English grammar class. This is the week I’m going to find out about work with the teams I think. I got a 4.0 in my Environmental Science class! Whew! The Martin Luther King Jr. service was incredible last night. I love my church. I am so happy there and so happy that I finally found a church that I love. I am so happy. That is all I can say.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Looking back on Summer League and Instructional, 2002

Fourth of July, I think it was the best Fourth I have had in a very long time. I had the privilege of exposing this celebration to the students, most of who had never been in the United States for Independence Day before. It was very special to see their faces light up as the fireworks lit up the sky to the tune of the Star Spangled Banner. It is these types of experiences that make my job so invaluable.
Another special moment was the time when I took the classes for the first time to a nice restaurant, at the end of the course section, and they all had to order in English. It happened to be Edgar Martinez’s birthday so we celebrated it for him and had them bring out an awesome strawberry cake, and he blew out the candles. The succeeded in spending a complete evening immersed in English.
Some other nice memories were watching some of the players get called up to the next level and seeing them in their nice new uniforms coming out onto the field to play for an even bigger pool of fans, one step closer to reaching their dreams.
Another special moment was the day Jesus Delgado threw 94 for the first time. It was so cool to be able to be there supporting his game.
I was so excited because this year I get to go to Boston for the first time to see the Minor League awards. A lot of my students had won awards.
Another memory comes from class. The time I taught them the song, Stand By Me. It was so cool as one side of the class would sing one line of the song, and the other side would sing the next line. It was so funny and rewarding at the same time.
Another memory comes from the Dominican Republic. It was the last week of the Winter Program, and Juan Gonzalez was at the field doing some practice work. He remembered me from the Mariners, and was nice enough to take interest in what I do, and he arranged to meet each one of my award winning students, and took his photo with each one of them. He also told me that I would make a great player psychologist.
Another cool memory was when Ivan Rodriguez was playing with the Rangers Rookie team on Rehab and two of my students got to pitch to him and got him out! It was cool to see that. I even took a photo of one of my students hitting with Pudge catching behind him.
Another memory was when the scouts in the D.R. took me to a player’s home and I got to be there to see him sign his professional contract with the Boston Red Sox, and I got to talk to him and his parents about what I will be doing for him as an instructor.
Another memory was taking the group of players back to the Dominican Republic.
Another cool memory was going with the students to help them learn to shop for various things. I got them to ask for things and say things in English which always boosts their confidence and empowers them.
I took players also to learn the bank system and banking through a pressentation done by the bank manager for them, as well as teaching them how to send via Western Union on their own.

Wednesday, May 1, 2002

A trip to the Dominican capital, Santo Domingo

Hi. I went to the historical district today, Jesus Alou's assistant took me. I saw the first fort in the Americas. It is so cool. That is supposedly where Trujillo tortured people, and where Christopher Colombus was imprisoned!! Anyway, I learned a lot about the country’s history. The tour guide was so cool. Anyway, I learned a lot at the MLB meeting yesterday too. I liked watching the teachers teach, and I liked gathering information and coming up with ideas to improve my program. It was good. Then in the afternoon we went out to eat with Marty, and I met his cousin Cesar who happens to be Cesarin Geronimo’s son. I know Cesarin from when I worked in San Pedro where he works for the Hiroshima Toyo Carps. His son is an agent, and he works for PROFORMANCE.

Monday, April 29, 2002

Visit to the Red Sox academy - Summer 2002

Hi. Today was my first full day here in the Dominican Republic this summer. It went so well. Last night I prepared the paperwork for today’s meeting with the new potential teacher. I got up nice and early this morning, ordered my room service breakfast which was delicious; fried egg, French bread toast with jam, platano mangú with onions, salami, orange juice and coffee with milk. It was delicious!!!! Then I got dressed and printed out my paper work at the business center, and Jesus Alou came and picked me up. We left for the ball park complex. It was so good to see the students here again after so long. I video taped some of the practice, and Jesus says that I can show the video to the guys so that is cool. He let me do a documentary of the new Red Sox academy and gave me a grand tour of it. How exciting. They are even making a little room for the teacher. That will be nice. Jesus has been really nice to me so far. I am happy about that. After the practice, after greeting the students, I went to the house where they live. I had an awesome lunch there. Home cooked Dominican food. There is nothing like it. It is a nice little house. Perfect for them to live in temporarily while the new academy is being built. They have bunk beds, a dining table, a big porch, a nice bathroom, and great food!!! I felt so satisfied after lunch. It was great!!! I gotta thank the ladies tomorrow for it. Carmona and all the other players wanted me to stay and teach them. I actually love teaching in teh Domincan Republic, but I think I can do more for the players if I continue to advance in what I'm doing and work in the states while overseeing the Latin American acadmies. I got invited by Paul Lantigua the scout to go see a player sign his contract. it was cool to be there at his house when he signed his contract. His name is Antonio Tejada. He is a pitcher. That was a neat experience. Then yesterday I spent a lot of time at the house with the players doing the evaluation interviews, and presenting the new teacher and the classroom expectations. Today was the conference for the MLB commissioner's office. I met a lot of players from different teams. I just have a knack for working with players. I don’t know what it is. Thanks to God I feel very confident that I do have a talent for teaching and that I am always able to make adjustments and keep the program ahead of the game in comparison to the other teachers in baseball.

Wednesday, February 6, 2002

Boston's GM

You know, I really miss Dan Duquette as the General Manager for the Red Sox. I really learned a lot from him just in the few times I worked with him and observed him do his thing. I have a lot of respect for him. He also genuinely cared about every single aspect of the team, including the development of the international players on as well as off the field. He was so supportive of my work. I have to say, that all of the Red Sox personnel expressed this to me actually. I have been very blessed to work with so many talented and admirable people in the game.
Here's a note I saved that Mr. Duquette sent me to give you an idea.
Subject: Re: (no subject)
Sent: Wednesday, February 6, 2002 1:36 PM
Hello Rosie,
I am glad to hear that you are enjoying the Dominican Republic. The winters
are great down there! I will make plans to attend your ceremony for
graduation from English class when it is planned in spring training.
Nice to hear from you,

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Networking in Baseball

I am still working for the Red Sox and loving it. I am
still mentoring and teaching the young players, and it is going very very
well. I am hopefully graduating Tony Blanco from my class at the end of
SPring Training at the awards ceremony among 6 other players. He is the no. 2 prosptect for the Red Sox right now. I am very proud of all my students they are doing so well. I am looking forward to working in
the states this summer. I will be based in Florida. A couple law firms have already offered me
jobs, just on word of mouth alone. I sat with Leland Maddox, director of player personnel and Jorge Oquendo Latin America scout coordinator of the
Cincinnati Reds on the way back to Miami during the holidays. They are so
nice and we really hit it off. They introduced me to Tom Reich of Reich Katz and Landis too. Leland also had me leave a Christmas message on Ken Griffey Jr.'s phone since we had not been in touch since my art stuff with the Mariners. They
even invited me to sit in on their negotiation meeting with the agent who
helped Livan Hernandez and El duque defect from Cuba. That was very cool,
considering the Reds history with CUban athletes and considering what a
learning opportunity/experience that would be for me. I wasn´t able to go
with them because I had checked luggage, but it was nice of them to invite
me. Anyway, they were really motivating to me. They
told me I should talk to Omar Minaya. I met Omar last year in the Yogi
Berra museum, and briefly discussed about my career goals with him. From what I
remember he was very nice and gave me good advice. He even signed my glove.
I am excited for Spring Training. My representative at the MLBPA (Major League Baseball Players Association), Evan, sent me a large box of baseball cards that I could use for the class. The players LOVE the cards. They are great to use as incentives and class activities. Thanks again for that.
It was really nice that he took the extra effort to
me all those cards all the way to the Dominican Republic. that is very
appreciated. Gotta get to my class.

Tuesday, November 14, 2000

Week Three Dominican Republic

I’m sitting here eating dinner inside the restaurant while watching the San Pedro Estrellas ball game on TV. So far, they’re winning, and if they win, they will be in first place!!!!! I want them to go to Mexico so badly! That would be so awesome if they played there when I was there!!! Oh no! It’s tied 4-4 now!! Luis Garcia is the first student I met here in the Dominican Republic. He has such a mind for baseball. He his like a human baseball statistic machine. My ankles itch so much because of all of the mosquito bites I’m getting here. Ouch.
HI journal. Whoa. Yesterday I learned how to pitch and it was so much fun! I’m losing a lot of weight going working out here. I got a work out yesterday. I am playing tennis on Saturday and Sunday.
Hi journal. Sorry I haven’t written lately. Been very busy. I went to the Malecon and sat under my Almond tree just by coincidence. It was so fun and so beautiful. The stars were out, the bachata was playing in the backgound, the waves were crashing on the shore, it was awesome. I ate a strawberry and chocolate cone, and it was so good. Then a dog came and stole it away. It was so funny.
Hi. It is a day after thanksgiving. It was a good thanksgiving because I had a lot to be thankful for and a big family to share it with. In class every body said what they were thankful for in English. It was so cool. Some even said they’re thankful for their teacher!

Saturday, November 11, 2000

Week Two Red Sox Academy

Hi. I love my students. The class was a disaster today. The put us in the room with food in it, and the food was too much of a distraction for everybody. Everyone was talking and staring at the food. It was not the ideal teaching/learning environment. I am starting to develop a list of issues that we must begin to work on in order to get the English program where it should be. One of those is maintaining a sterile learning environment. Righ tnow, we have class in a hotel conference room. The issue is that the air conditioning is broken more often than it's not and the heat can get so bad that it breaks concentration. If the window is opened, all of the mosquitos from the pool area come in and attack the class. The power goes out so often that we have lost a lot of class time because of it. But we are working through these kinks. It is the first time the team has a formal education program so clearlyt there will be things to improve on and problems to solve. This goes for me as a teacher too. It is my first experience teaching the players so I am also learning as I go. The players are showing a lot of progress with the To Be verb in all tenses as well as the baseball terminology.
Hi. Things are going well. My ear hurts, my throat is killing me, but things are going well. All the players are going back to their homes for the weekend. I am eating lunch right now. It is perfect weather out today.
Well, I better get up. I need to go to the Iberia market. Hey, how did this computer know that Iberia is a word?? It normally highlights in red the words it does not recognize in its dictionary. Whoa. Weird. I have a majorly bad cough. It is killing me. I would take Nyquil but then I get sleepy. I wish my throat would stop bothering me. Grrr. Ttfn!
HI journal. I got bitten some more by the mosquitos. I think I am becoming immune to them by now. Hahaha. My grandma just called. It was so god to hear her voice. She is very happy for me.

Sunday, November 5, 2000

My first Weekend in the Domincan Republic

I have no idea what date it is, but hopefully I’m right. I haven’t taken my midterms yet because I can’t sign on!!!! I am so frustrated that I just can’t get online!!!! Hmmm. It was so cute yesterday, because the students all thought there was going to be class and they were all in the lobby with their books. I would teach them Saturdays, but I need my time off too. So do they. They can use the weekend to study for the coming week. When I woke up, I thought it was 1 o’clock, but it was actually only 10!!! I don’t know why I thought it was so late! Everybody was just waking up! I got down to the restaurant thinking I’d have to eat lunch, and they were still serving breakfast!!!!! They breakfast buffet was all still very stocked, and there were lots of people eating! I thought to myself, “do they serve breakfast for lunch on Sundays or something?” I became disoriented so I came to the front desk, and I noticed the clock for NY time said 10 am, and I thought to myself, is the clock wrong.” But then I asked Andres, and he said that it was right. I can’t believe that I woke up at like 9:30 and thought it was 1!!!!!! But I guess that is good because it got me in gear to get up. It is such a beautiful day outside today. I love the music here. It’s AWESOME. La Banda Chula!!! Good song. Also there’s a song by Marc Anthony; No Aye Nadie Como Ella. I think I’m going outside. I just hope I don’t get too over heated. I love this music. It plays all day in the malecon and you can hear the tunes on the breeze coming through the hotel. I could never get tired of it. It is awesome here. It was so funny when Yuri asked me about Trash Talking in class!! He thought it totally meant something else! It's funny how idioms can totally be mis understood when you don't know they are idioms. I can’t believe how blessed I was to be able to do this!! I hope this is what God had planned for me. I hope that I’m teaching the right way. I want these kids to learn so badly. I really care about each and every one of them to succeed in life. I see in them their deep desire to make it. And I hope that they will succeed in the path God puts them on. You know what they call the ballpark here in Spanish? EL PLEY!!! Not el JUEGO!!! A lady just came and said they’d give me 8,000 pesos per month and one month of vacation to work for them as a bilingual secretary. Where did that come from? No clue. What is 8,000 pesos per month anyway? Hmm. It goes to show you how much of a need for bilingual ability there is here I guess. wow. A beautiful butterfly.
I went to Hiroshima camp today, and had a wonderful time again. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy watching the players play. It is really cool to see. It even helps me see what to incorporate in the class lessons.

Saturday, November 4, 2000

First Day at the Baseball Academy Field

I haven’t been able to go online since I got here. I am going to devote my free time this weekend to finish my HUM 105 mid term, and study fro my ENV 150 mid term. Other than that, I am having the time of my life. I think I got rid of my cold. I went through the final stage yesterday, and today I didn’t feel that sick at all. Today in class was a good day. The first class, the English literacy level, went over the alphabet, and I had them write down their names, and then I divided them into two teams. I am having them spell their names out loud, and the team with the most people who can do it will win. I think everyone is pretty comfortable by now. I need to work on pronouncing UNDERSTAND, and TH. Those are the toughest for all of them. I think if I’m patient enough with them, that they will be patient with themselves too. Victor Urena was having a little hard time pronouncing Understand, because he was trying to say the word too fast without pronouncing it. When we were doing repetition drills, he wanted to get it right and was repeating it with total effort, and the class followed his lead.When he got it, he told the class if they're patient that they can do it too. The whole class broke out in smiles. Some are still shy, and scared to make mistakes, but they seem hungry to learn and cooperative in the in class activities., so that is a step in the right direction One student's name, in my English literacy group, is Franklin, like the name of my favorite batting glove brand. I am going to show him my Franklin glove tomorrow. The daily alphabet practice is coming along well. I also gave out note cards so they can use them to memorize terms. I also had them practice before going to bed every night. The students are all so great. I’m so proud of them all for making an effort. I will talk more on Breaking Barriers, an education program inspired by Jackie Robinson, on Monday. I hope to have phone access by tomorrow, however I won’t be able to know until the afternoon because I’ll be going to the game tomorrow. I am very excited to see my students play. The verb chart is going very well. I need to remember to concentrate some more about get/got. Affirmative/Negative, Contractions, spelling. Batista has excellent hand writing, and good attention to detail. He is also very conscious of neatness. He cares to learn all grammer, and seems to make a conscious effort in order to learn all aspects of English. He is real serious about learning fluent English. I need to start with culture notes, life skills. I also began the daily covereage on the commands for baseball, and baseball vocabulary. I need them to memorize the first set of baseball vocabulary by Thursday. Oh yeah! I almost forgot to tell you about my day! I woke up early, went to breakfast, had papaya, leche klim (yummy milk), fried eggs, bread, and jamon. Then I went upstairs and organized my room a little. That day we took a cab to the practice. The cab took us through the horses and shacks to a baseball complex that was beautiful. It was pristine, and the facility was great too. We got there just when the Red Sox were leaving so I didn’t get to see much. But I met Julio and Cesarino Geronimo. I also got to see some of the Japanese team, the Hiroshima Toyo Carps' office, and Cesarino said I could interview him for my book. I can’t believe how little exposure these teams get. It seems very fascinating! Then afterwards, we rode on the team officials' bus to the store and we finally bought the books and pencils and index cards. Then we took motor scooters back to the hotel, and I had lunch and then started class. It was a good day. After class, I went with Margarita to Richard’s house because he invited me too. Richard Paulino is the manager for the Atlanta Braves Dominican team. He is someone I have a lot of respect for. We had dinner with him and his beautiful family. It was so special. I got to say grace and I cried, as usual. They are the sweetest people on earth, just as Margarita said they were. He is going to help me with my art and my book. How nice. I love their kid. He is the cutest little boy, and he gave me a kiss good night. We had fried yuca, chicken, rice, and a fruit cocktail drink made out of pineapples and melons. The pineapple was so sweet and yummy. It was a great dinner and I had a wonderful time talking with them. They are great people, and I am blessed to have met them. Well Good night. Ttfn.
HI journal. It is almost 1:00 in the morning. I just came back from downtown San Pedro. I went with Margarita on her last night in teh Dominican Republic to the winter league game and a night on the town. The Estrellas won again! They’re doing great!!! I have no idea what the future holds for me. I just know that God has a great life in store for me. I already have been given such a blessed life. I need to go to the Libreria tomorrow morning to buy some dry erase markers. Well good night again.

Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Day Two - Dominican Republic Red Sox Academy

Hi! I just finished with the second day of class, and it went just as good , if not better than the first. My main concern for today’s class was getting the more advanced students and veterans to submit to my authority, since they acted as hard to please, but I think I met up to the challenge well after all. That was actually the funnest class today! And they absorb everything I teach them so well!! My strong lesson plans helped a lot too. Each class just flew by. I met a nice lady named Margarita, who lives in Florida, who comes every year to support all the kids on the team, and brings them all kinds of goodies that they need. She is a pecial lady. Margarita gave me a bag of gum balls to give to the kids, and pens. She also gave out bibles. I gave the students all of my notebook paper and have none for myself!! I have to go out and get class supplies for them. The hotel just offered to move me to a better nicer room with alarm clock and king bed and everything, but I don’t know because I like my view and my balcony. I hope that if that room doesn’t have a balcony, that I can just stay here. I really need that because it makes me feel at home, and I don’t feel so locked in, and since I do all my work in my room I like to have that. I’m not sure about that. The hotel manager told me that she is going to open a line for me, so that I can finally start being able to use my phone. That’s cool. I gotta find out if my talent agent issued my check for my day performing as Eliza Thornberry at Nickelodion’s Big Help festival. The lights went out in one of the classes today because of the thunder stuff. While the lights were out that is when I taught them about Halloween, since it is today. It was fun. I taught them about switch hitting, whatever, trick or treat, same here, me too, etc…. It was lots of fun. I hope that they like my teaching. For the first class I had them write things on the index cards I gave them for homework. The next class I had them practice the words in the work sheets. I will give them learning strategies tomorrow. I would like to write what I teach them right after class but I eat right afterwards, and usually end up eating with Walter or Margarita or both of them, which is fine, but then by the time I get back to the room, I have forgotten some of the things that happened in class. Walter is the pitching coach for the team, and kind of my guardian here. He is the authority figure at the hotel for the team. He’s my pal. He’s Colombian, and used to pitch, but injured his arm, so now he’s a coach. The first part of class, I have the students write their names, the date, phone number and stuff like that, or free writing, this helps them to form good study habits and they pick up on things through this repetitive action. I don’t know what happened to the notebooks that I was promised for the class but I haven’t gotten them, and I really feel that the class will work best if the students can write things down. I can’t for example have them free write in their journals, because many of the students don’t have them. They are missing out on something very crucial. I also am having the students in the advanced class do anecdotes.
I will be teaching them how to do a pitching chart soon as well, because many of them don’t know how to do that. I will also work on commands tomorrow. I am teaching English to Andres Galarraga’s nephew. He’s really funny. When I had them write what their dislikes were, he put down SUNDAY!! And he went on to explain why. So tomorrow, I am going to have them discuss what they wrote down at the beginning of class tomorrow. I am going to collect them from them tomorrow and grade them. I discussed weather with the advanced class too. I need to bring white out. Can you believe one of the students asked me for it? I will also have the players tell me their forms out loud. I forgot to do that with them. Today I missed breakfast again, because I felt so sick this morning. I went down for lunch and prepared my lesson plan while eating the three meat soup that I keep forgetting the name of. Oh yeah! It's called sancocho. mmmmm! I also had tea and water. The waiters and the rest of the Howard Johnson staff are so nice. I have to take photos of them before I leave. Ygnacio is my favorite employee. I am very concerned because since I still can’t access the internet, so I am falling very behind in school with my onlin courses. Walter is friends with Edgar Renterria and is going to try to set up an interview with him for me. Both Edgar and Walter are from Colombia. I can’t wait to tell my step sisters, who are Colombian as well. Walter was the 2nd player ever to be signed by the Florida Marlins. Margarita also gave out Spanish bibles to all the kids. They loved that. That was so cool of her. I hope I can get caught up on my classes. I’m sure I’ll be able to.

Monday, October 30, 2000

My Very First Class in a Domincan baseball Academy

Hi. Sorry I didn’t write sooner, but I’ve been so busy since I got here preparing for my classes. I am nervous about teaching today, as it will be my first time. Today is going to be my first class. Wonder if it might be hard for them to respect me as a teacher being a young woman and all, but we’ll see. As long as I respect them and do my job well, I’m sure it will be the beginning of a great student-teacher relationship. I came down with a cold or something. My throat hurts so badly, and I wish I could just sleep all day, of all days. I don’t have my Echinicea here and that usually gets rid of my colds pretty quickly. There so much the players have to learn and it was a real challenged to figure out where to start. I can’t wait until I get my printer. My family is going to send it to me. I have met a lot of the students, and so far most of them seem pretty nice. The view from my room is beautiful. I just wish I wasn’t sick. I hope I get better soon. I had to eat breakfast in my room because I was too ill to go down to the restaurant. Well, I will write in you again soon. Ttfn
HI again. It is after my first experience with class. It went very well for being the first time. Today I just did an introduction of the class curriculum and myself. The most challenging class to teach surprisingly was the advanced class. They are hard to please, but I hope to get them where they need to be quickly and smoothly so we can work together efficiently. I really need to get creative with them and keep on my toes and a step and a half ahead at all times. I met Felix Maldonado who has worked with the Red Sox for 40 years! He is very nice and is observing my classes. He even offered to help me out with the baseball book I am doing! I think this job will definitely open a lot of doors for me in baseball operations. I can’t wait to be able to use the Internet. I still can’t make calls out from my phone, and it’s been that way since Saturday night pretty much. Since I got here. My students are actually for the most part, very perceptive, understanding, and enthusiastic.

Saturday, October 28, 2000

My First Flight to the Dominican Republic

Hi journal. It’s me again. Gosh it has been an extremely busy and crazy month. October just flew by for me. I signed a contract with the Red Sox after having a wonderful and educational seven years experience with the major league and the Seattle Mariners. I am now going to expose myself to the whole system from the academies in Latin America through the minor leagues and spring training all the way to the majors. I know this will be great for me so I can be more well-rounded as a baseball executive someday. I can better understand the workings of this system if I work at all of the levels, not just at one. I have already been exposed to every aspect of major league baseball you can imagine first hand through my work with the Mariners on the field and in the front office. I’m on the plane, Continental flight, on my way to the Dominican Republic. I can’t believe I am going. It is unbelievable. Who would have thought. I miss Seattle so much right now, but once I get settled there, I probably won’t miss it as much. I am getting a cold of course, just in the nick of time. I just haven’t let my body rest since I found out I received the position to work in the D.R. with the Red Sox. There was so much to do. I just had my first midterm exam of the year this week. It was for my Philosophy: Introduction to Logic class. It went off without a hitch thankfully. I’m so sleepy, but I can’t get to sleep. Yesterday I spent a day at Seattle University observing their English as a Second Language classes. It was very educational, and fun. I got a lot of great tips from the teachers there. I also got my travel shots yesterday, and my arms are so sore!! My right arm I can barely lift, and forget about carrying or lifting anything with it. It really smarts. It is very red and hot right now. My left arm is not so bad. I only got one shot in that arm since I’m a lefty. It is such a horrible feeling to get an injection. I hate it. But it is definitely worth it. ttfn

Monday, September 14, 1998

My Best Article - Seattle Times (ball girling)

Sports: Sunday, September 27, 1998

Baseball Provides Stability, Draws Out Ballgirl's Talents

Seattle Times Staff Reporter

She doesn't so much sit on a stool in front of the Kingdome bullpens as she hovers over one, poised to spring at a moment's notice. Her left hand is covered by a baseball glove garnished by autographs and her artwork. Her legs are dotted with turf burns, a sort of self-imposed occupational hazard.

Usually, the ballgirls blend into the motif of a Mariner home game. But, as Mariner outfielder Shane Monahan says, "You notice her." When she takes the field, fans ringing the stadium abutments offer hands to be slapped. They cry from the stands, "Hey, Rosey!"

See, when Rosey Santizo patrols the baselines, the nights always offer the potential for something extra. Like last month, when she overeagerly dived at and deflected a ground ball, ruled fair, off the bat of Toronto's Craig Grebek. Santizo's plunging exploits have been featured so many times on CNN, ESPN, "This Week in Baseball" and the like that M's employees have taken to calling her, "Airtime."

"She plays that ballgirl position like a shortstop," Mariner first baseman David Segui says.

Santizo, 19, can't help but try giving back to a sport that, along with God, she believes, stayed her during forlorn, sometimes turbulent times. Baseball has had an almost magical presence in her young life. The day the Mariners hired her - Aug. 26, 1995 - is the day the team took possession of first place during its storied pennant drive.

"Baseball has been my stability," Santizo says.

Late in that summer of 1995, Santizo picked up a No. 2 pencil and, without ever having taken an art class, crafted an amazing likeness of Edgar Martinez. During Santizo's two-plus-year quest to catch on with the Mariners, someone sent her a newspaper clipping headlined, "Patience pays for Edgar Martinez." His patience inspired hers.

Now it is effecting something wondrous. Santizo kept drawing. People noticed. Joey Cora requested several pieces for his foundation's charity auction. So did Dave Valle, for his benefit program, Esperanza. Segui has kept Santizo's portrait of Roberto Clemente in his locker-room stall and keeps her portrait of him above the mantle in his home.

Santizo recently was granted licensing from the Major League Baseball Players Association. In an unusual deal, Santizo receives her license in exchange for three autographed pieces of her art per year, plus nine percent of her royalties. Not bad for an artist who still has no formal training.

"I just draw what I see," Santizo says. "It just comes out of my pencil. I have no explanation, other than it's the only way I have to express my love for the game."

Santizo has sold 12 pieces to the Mariners, to be retailed in their Dugout team stores. She has other talents for which there is scant explanation. Santizo has a knack for acting and was cast in a 1996 Reebok commercial for a Shawn Kemp-endorsed sneaker. Mariner broadcaster Rick Rizzs saw Santizo act in a local production on Vashon Island and says, "She stole the show, just like she often steals the show (in the Kingdome)."

Still, Santizo has a grander goal. She traveled avidly to be with her family in Guatemala, where she is from, until she was 12, and became hooked on baseball while listening to games on the radio with her father, who is legally blind. Santizo wants to retain her connection between baseball and her background; a former co-worker sent a job description for supervisor of baseball operations in Latin America, a post she now covets.

The path from ballperson to major-league baseball operative is not an uncharted one. Dave Venneri, the Mariners' regional marketing director, got his start in the organization as a ballboy in 1982.

Pursuing such a path would, for Santizo, mean taking college courses and working in the Mariner front office during the day, while ballgirling and working customer service for the M's at night. Throw in Rosey Art, her portrait business, and an impending Rosey the Ballgirl Web site. And, oh yeah, Santizo still wants to act and model and play tennis.

As Tom DeVries, a science teacher at Vashon Island High, once wrote in a letter of recommendation for Santizo, "She seems intent on squeezing several lifetimes out of one."

On nights she was scheduled to protect the Kingdome bullpens, Santizo reported to work 2 1/2 hours before game time. Part of arriving so early was to accommodate a routine. Most of it was because she simply couldn't wait to get started.

A good 45 minutes until the opening pitch, Santizo already had her glove and wristbands out, resting on a pair of stools. She was ready, even if the rest of the stadium was not.

"For me, it's so hard not to make an effort," she says. "It's so hard not to just go for it."

Rosey Santizo is speaking of a foul ball. It would be a good metaphor for her life, in general.

Inquiries about Rosey Santizo's art can be made through the Mariners at 206-930-9020, or by e-mail:

Copyright (c) 1998 Seattle Times Company, All Rights Reserved.

Friday, August 14, 1998

Seattle Times Article - M's Ball Girl Job

Sports: Thursday, August 20, 1998

M's Rival Worst Club Of Decade

Seattle Times Staff Reporter

Although the Mariners are closer to first on this date than they were in 1995, there will be no miracles this time. Not the way this team is carrying on.


Mariner pitchers, mostly the relievers, have allowed some big innings during that span, including two four-run innings last night. Mariner arms allowed a team-record seven home runs last night as the Blue Jays ran their run total against Seattle to 34 in the past three games.

"It got ugly," Manager Lou Piniella said. "The last three times we played this team, we've made them look like the '27 Yankees."


If left fielder Shane Monahan hadn't made a terrific diving catch in the fourth inning, the Jays would have scored two or three more runs. He laid almost level to snag a two-on, two-out liner by Darrin Fletcher.

"You get kind of spoiled playing next to Junior (Ken Griffey Jr.) out there," Monahan said. "He covers so much ground. He's the best outfielder in the game, covering gap to gap."

But when it was clear Griffey wasn't going to get there, Monahan took charge. "I got a decent jump, I made the catch and that was it."

In terms of dives, however, his could not compare to the one by Rosie Santizo of Bellevue, a ballgirl on the left-field line. Santizo was at her station in the second inning when Craig Grebeck bounced a would-be double past third baseman Russ Davis.

Umpire Chuck Meriwether immediately called it a fair ball, but Rosie was after it, believing it was a foul ball, as it whizzed down the line, to quick for her to catch the umpire's call out of the corner of her eye. She made a desperate lunge to stop it, landing on her nose, but the ball squeezed past. Meriwether called interference and ruled a double for Grebeck, which would otherwise have been an easy triple.

"The ballgirl definitely had the best dive tonight," Monahan said. "I've never seen that from anyone like that. She had the wrist bands on tonight. She was ready to play."

Jose Cruz Jr., who had one of the seven home runs against his former team, said of Rosie's attempt, "Oh my God. That was the best play of the game."

Afterward, Santizo could be seen holding her hand to her face, embarrassed by her sudden notoriety.

In a game the Mariners would like to forget, Rosie's dive will live on forever on someone's video highlight reel.

Copyright (c) 1998 Seattle Times Company, All Rights Reserved.