I started out my career in baseball as an intern for the Seattle Mariners at the age of 16. The next season they had ball girl try outs and I made it! I was the new ball snatcher. I made headlines when I became the first ball girl to dive for a foul ball. I was highlighted on FOX's This Week in Baseball, Univision, CBS Day & Date, ESPN, CNN, KIRO's On Deck Show, and other networks and print publications for my plays on the field and for my baseball artwork, which I donate to various charities and got officially licensed for it by the MLBPA at the age of 19. I have my own sport art business and my art has been displayed at the Legends of the Game museum in TX and the Yogi Berra Museum in NY. I worked for the M's for seven seasons and had the opportunity to get to know all of the main departments of the front office from marketing to public relations. I went on to work for the Red Sox in their Dominican Republic baseball academy as their English teacher. Inspired by my work there, I developed and created a complete career development education program for international players called "Keep Your Eyes in the Ball". This program turned the Red Sox into pioneers in the area of international player development in the area of transition to their careers in the states. I teach the players everything including, American laws, life skills, customs, English, baseball terminology, etiquette, money management, basic nutrition, media and fan relations, literacy, and more. I went on to work for the Orioles and was even recruited by the New York Yankees. My title for the Red Sox was coordinator of player education and with the Orioles, international liaison and instructor of english and cultural literacy. I came back home to complete my college education and returned to the Mariners to work with their major league Latin American players, including their new Cuban star, Yuniesky Betancourt. Interestingly, I was Felix Hernandez's brother's teacher with the Orioles as well. Some players you might recognize that were students of mine include; Anibal Sanchez, Hanley Ramirez, Daniel Cabrera, Wilfredo Ledezma, Ed Rogers, Tony Blanco, Eddy Rodriguez, Franklin Francisco, and Jorge De La Rosa.

My Orioles Class Documentary - Part One

My Sports Art

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

ESL Assistant Teacher at seattle central community college

I’m on my way back to Bellevue on the bus right now. I had class today. It went very well as always. I love it so much. I am so thankful that God gave me this opportunity. It is a fresh experience for me to have a job outside of baseball. I know it will help to make me more well-rounded. Not only am I learning a lot about teaching English grammar, but I’m also getting to know some wonderful people that are enriching my life. All of the students are so special. Most of the students in this class are from Ethiopia. On of the the Ethiopian students is Sisay. His name means wealth in English I believe. His family is Christian and is a deacon for his church, which is a very special thing in Orthodox Christianity. He has a lot of responsibilities in this position. Another student is Gino. That is his nickname. His real name I can’t pronounce very well yet. He is from Somalia and speaks many languages. He used to be a doctor when he lived in Somalia and I think he has like nine children! He lets me practice my Italian with him. Enanye is Ethiopian. She is a beautiful girl and has a beautiful spirit. I really enjoy working with her. Another girl I am getting to know is Yiftu. She is also from Ethiopia. She is so sweet and very expressive in her writing. She can cook too, although this is just what I’ve heard. At any rate, I am really enjoying being the class assistant for this English grammar class. This is the week I’m going to find out about work with the teams I think. I got a 4.0 in my Environmental Science class! Whew! The Martin Luther King Jr. service was incredible last night. I love my church. I am so happy there and so happy that I finally found a church that I love. I am so happy. That is all I can say.

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