I started out my career in baseball as an intern for the Seattle Mariners at the age of 16. The next season they had ball girl try outs and I made it! I was the new ball snatcher. I made headlines when I became the first ball girl to dive for a foul ball. I was highlighted on FOX's This Week in Baseball, Univision, CBS Day & Date, ESPN, CNN, KIRO's On Deck Show, and other networks and print publications for my plays on the field and for my baseball artwork, which I donate to various charities and got officially licensed for it by the MLBPA at the age of 19. I have my own sport art business and my art has been displayed at the Legends of the Game museum in TX and the Yogi Berra Museum in NY. I worked for the M's for seven seasons and had the opportunity to get to know all of the main departments of the front office from marketing to public relations. I went on to work for the Red Sox in their Dominican Republic baseball academy as their English teacher. Inspired by my work there, I developed and created a complete career development education program for international players called "Keep Your Eyes in the Ball". This program turned the Red Sox into pioneers in the area of international player development in the area of transition to their careers in the states. I teach the players everything including, American laws, life skills, customs, English, baseball terminology, etiquette, money management, basic nutrition, media and fan relations, literacy, and more. I went on to work for the Orioles and was even recruited by the New York Yankees. My title for the Red Sox was coordinator of player education and with the Orioles, international liaison and instructor of english and cultural literacy. I came back home to complete my college education and returned to the Mariners to work with their major league Latin American players, including their new Cuban star, Yuniesky Betancourt. Interestingly, I was Felix Hernandez's brother's teacher with the Orioles as well. Some players you might recognize that were students of mine include; Anibal Sanchez, Hanley Ramirez, Daniel Cabrera, Wilfredo Ledezma, Ed Rogers, Tony Blanco, Eddy Rodriguez, Franklin Francisco, and Jorge De La Rosa.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Rookies of the Year!!!!!!!!!

Hi everybody, I just have to take the opportunity to give props to two of my students here in my blog in honor of their recent achievements. I have to say it is very rare to have the opportunity to have worked with a player who ends up earning MLB rookie of the year honors, but to have worked with two of them that earned this honor within the same year is pretty darn rare wouldn't you say? Two of my former students who recently came up the majors, have been highlighted as two of the most sensational rookies this season throughout the media. One, Hanley Ramirez of the Florida Marlins and Dominican, won the Rookie of the Year Award. Anibal Sanchez of the Marlins and Venezuelan, as well won Rookie of the Month, but would have been a shoe in for rookie pitcher of the year had it not been for coming up to the majors so late in the season. In only his first major league pitching appearance, he threw a no-hitter!!! How about them apples?? I am so proud of both of them. Both of them were excellent students of mine and I believed they were destined for greatness. I am so happy they are finding success and being able to express with the American public through interviews, which is something many Latino players were not able to do because of the language barrier.


Hair Farmer Joe said...

RIP Rosie - the world of baseball will miss you!

SSBIO2008 said...

Hello Rosie,

I know that you don't know me, but I know of you and your work. It always pains me when I see people with so much potential and who can give so much to the world are taken before their time. It is unfortunate that you were not able to live out all of your dreams, but you have already done so much and touched so many lives. I pray that you continue to inspire others. This world needs more Rosies. You are already missed.


Farming Mama Wannabe said...

I miss you Rosemary. Thank you for being one of the greatest childhood friends I ever had. I love you so much. I'm still so upset you were taken from us and I hope you are loving life on the other side just as much.

Your friend, Janelle